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          Eileen Scanlon has been a NYS Licensed Cosmetologist for 30 years.  

She has worked with Corporate America, Non Profits, Academia, and local grass-roots organizations. For the past 10 years she has dedicated her considerable energy and passion to making the following communities: seniors, home confined, vulnerable, Hospice, group homes, assisted living, differently abled and virtually everyone in between look and feel better. Her goal has always been to provide each and every one of her clients with a warm, positive, and empathetic experience before, during, and after each visit.  

           Her Traveling Salon has been a labour of love for many years and she would like nothing better than to share that experience with YOU!!  Scanlon's Traveling Salon is "heart centered;" providing kindness, compassion and professionalism to all of her clients.  Eileen's motto is "A Smile is the Closest Distance Between Two People."  Scanlon's incorporates her love of social justice and advocacy into her business practice by using only socially responsible/vegan/environmentally friendly products.  

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